Phenomenex and Tecan collaborate on automated sample preparation solutions

The two companies will jointly market Phenomenex Strata™ and Strata-X SPE sorbents adapted to Tecan’s Freedom EVO® series of robotics workstations.

According to the companies, the solution is particularly aimed at high-throughput customers in pharmaceutical research, clinical and food testing environments using mass spectrometry detection methods. As part of the global agreement, Tecan will provide the instruments and automation support, and Phenomenex will provide the extraction chemistries as well as application and method development through its PhenoLogix group. Solid phase extraction is a widely used sample preparation technique by which compounds in mixtures are separated, prior to chromatographic analysis. Phenomenex Strata and Strata-X SPE sorbents remove unwanted contaminants, including phospholipids, and are offered in a number of unique selectivities to cover a diverse range of analytes. SPE can be a time-consuming manual process that is prone to human errors resulting in additional time and costs for laboratories to confirm or repeat tests. The companies add that execution of this process on Tecan automated platforms combined with optimized conditions from PhenoLogix will decrease implementation efforts in the laboratory, increase throughput while reducing human error and enable sample traceability for regulated environments.