Pfingsten sells Des-Case to Industrial Growth Partners

Founded in 1983 and headquartered near Nashville, Tennessee, Des-Case manufactures specialty filtration products for industrial lubricants. The company markets its solutions through its distribution network, private label distributors and OEM partners.

“Des-Case brings a holistic perspective to the lubricant contamination control market by not only providing the education and training needed to understand the benefits of contaminant-free lubricant, but also providing innovative solutions to protect the lubricant at every critical point in its lifecycle,” said a representative from IGP. “As a market leader with a strong brand name and long-standing customer relationships with some of the world’s largest manufacturers, we are confident in Des-Case’s ability to continue to expand globally.”

The Des-Case management team has retained a significant ownership stake in the company.

“I am honoured and excited to be a part of writing the next chapter in the Des-Case growth story alongside our valued customers, partners and investors,” said Brian Gleason, president and CEO of Des-Case.

San Francisco-based private equity firm IGP has a 20 year history in the industrial sector.