Pentair opens aquaculture centre of excellence in Florida

The centre, which consists of 12 400 sq ft of laboratories and fish culture systems, will be used for demonstration, research and teaching activities. Customers and educational institutions will be able to monitor online the progress of fish culture trials, including water quality, feeding, feed conversion ratios, growth rates, energy consumption and harvesting activities.

“We call this farming reimagined,” said Karl Frykman, president of Pentair’s Water Quality Systems.

The centre will showcase Pentair’s expertise and technologies in water reuse systems and solutions, including pumps and filtration systems. Frykman said the centre also highlights the scientific expertise of Pentair’s biologists, engineers, designers and technicians who specialize in sustaining aquatic life.

“Through our work in aquaculture, at this centre of excellence, we are innovating to help a new industry bring healthy food to developing countries, arid climates and space-challenged urban centres.”

The new centre is “designed to allow development of innovative technology as well as showcase solutions for different environments around the world,” said Bob Miller, Pentair vice president Environmental Systems.

The Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems campus already houses offices, a customer contact centre, and manufacturing and warehouse operations.