Pall Corporation introduces T-series cassettes for TFF applications

Pall’s T-series cassettes are available with Omega polyethersulfone (PES) or Delta regenerated cellulose membrane for high flux, high selectivity and low protein binding in a range of biological and biopharmaceutical processes. Omega PES membranes have been modified specifically to minimize protein binding to the surface and interstitial structure of the membrane. These membranes are ideal for use in vaccine and conjugate concentration and diafiltration, purification and recovery of monoclonal antibodies or recombinant proteins, and blood plasma fractionation and purification. Delta regenerated cellulose membrane delivers low fouling characteristics to allow consistent performance or flux from run to run. Delta membrane is easy to clean and is useful when working with antibody fragments, and in the purification and recovery of antibodies. Scalable T-series cassettes are compatible with Pall’s Centramate and Centrasette systems. T-Series cassettes for Centramate holders are offered in membrane formats with effective filtration areas (EFA) from as low as 86 cm2 (0.09 ft2), making them ideal for process development and small-scale production of 50 mL to125 L.