Ovivo secures energy contract worth over C$4mn in Southeast Asia

Through its Christ Water Technology heritage brand, Ovivo will supply equipment meeting the requirements for ultra-clean demineralized water and complying with the feed water guidelines for high pressure boilers.

The scope of supply includes the engineering, manufacturing and commissioning of four lines of carbon activated filters and mixed bed filters to further demineralize the water coming from the centralized demineralized water supply.

The Ovivo system will be part of a co-generation plant that will not only supply steam and power to the petrochemical plants and the other facilities in the complex, but it will also supply power to the national grid for public consumption.

The contract is worth more than C$4 million to Ovivo. Delivery is scheduled for 2016.

“This additional large energy contract awarded to us continues to demonstrate that we are capitalizing on our strengths of being a global technology and solution provider to the energy market,” said Marc Barbeau, president and CEO of Ovivo. “We like to partner with world-renowned clients who select us for the quality of our solutions and our capacity to support them wherever their projects are located across the world, thanks to our global platform,” added Barbeau.