Osmoflo invests in new training centre

The new dedicated training centre, located at the company’s sales, corporate, finance, design and fabrication facility in Burton, South Australia, will cater for up to 12 people at a time. It will offer experience on live reverse osmosis systems, and is accredited to run courses developed by David H Paul Inc (DHP), a US-based provider of advanced membrane water treatment training. Systems include an active reverse osmosis plant.

Course participants will also gain experience in Osmoflo’s remote control centre in South Australia from where the performance of more than 100 desalination plants around Australia and across the globe can be monitored and controlled.

Osmoflo has invested more than A$1million in the training programs and resources over a 20 year association with DHP. In 2011 Osmoflo became a licencee of DHP training programs and since then has trained more than 1100 people.

Training programs are specifically geared to meet the needs of membrane water treatment plant operators, staff involved in their procurement and water professionals in general who require a working knowledge of membrane-based treatment systems.

“There will continue to be an increasing need for well trained staff in water treatment as regulatory standards continue to rise. Our courses are designed to help those who own and operate membrane-based plants achieve world’s best practice, ensuring that necessary standards are maintained and the plants are run to maximum efficiency with resulting savings in downtime and maintenance costs,” said Osmoflo managing director Marc Fabig.