OriginClear appoints chief operating officer

Water treatment solutions provider OriginClear Inc has named Tom Marchesello, the driving force behind developing its Modular Water Systems business, as the company’s chief operating officer (COO).

As OriginClear COO, Marchesello is charged with scaling up the assembly-line modular water treatment business, driving Modular Water Systems and its products to market success as the company’s flagship brand, with the ultimate goal of developing a strong water company specializing in ultra-durable pump stations and decentralized water treatment.

“I welcome Tom Marchesello to help operate our growing company,” said Riggs Eckelberry, OriginClear president and CEO. “His rapid intervention is now driving major reaches from business users that have to deal with their own water treatment problems, and are attracted to the advantages of a Water System In A Box™.”

“Tom first became keenly interested in our WaterChain™ decentralized water financing project last year and worked with me on its research and development," explained Eckelberry. "His recent work in developing our Modular Water Systems business convinced us of his value at the highest operational level in the company.”

A military veteran, financier and technologist, Marchesello holds a BS in Finance from Pennsylvania State University and an MBA from San Diego State University.

He served in the US Air Force as a Captain at Air Force Space Command Headquarters, leading aerospace operations and strategic planning for satellite communications, earth science monitoring, Geographic Information (GIS) and Positioning (GPS) Systems. After leaving the Air Force, Marchesello worked in finance and high technology operations for 20 years with companies such as Sony Electronics, Thompson Reuters, Morgan Stanley, CME Group, and middle market private equity groups. As a director of M&A Investments at Bainbridge Investment Banking Group, he hired and led a 30-person buyside team to acquire over US$1 billion of industrial manufacturing and distribution business units and identify industry trends.