October’s top filtration stories

The most-read stories on the Fltration+Separation website during October 2023 featured separations technology startup Osmoses, a commercial supply agreement between BASF and Svante and a new kind of polymer membrane created at Georgia Tech.

Image © klenger - Adobe Stock.

1. Osmoses secures US$11mn in funding to commercialize novel membrane technology

Osmoses, an industrial separations technology startup that purifies gases, has raised an oversubscribed US$11 million seed round led by Energy Capital Ventures.



2. BASF to manufacture Svante's MOF sorbent material at commercial scale for carbon capture

Canadian carbon capture and removal solutions provider Svante has entered into an arm’s length commercial supply agreement with chemical producer BASF to scale up its proprietary sorbent material, Calgary Framework 20 (CALF-20), used in Svante’s carbon capture process.


3. New polymer membrane could cut energy and water use in oil refining

Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) have created a new kind of polymer membrane that could reshape how refineries process crude oil, dramatically reducing the energy and water required while extracting even more useful materials.