Nexom acquires Blue Water Technologies

“Blue Water’s technologies and key people are poised to help Nexom ensure every drop of wastewater in North America can meet the highest nutrient standards at the lowest possible energy footprint,” said Nexom CEO Thomas Pokorsky. “Blue Water’s expertise and solutions are already best-in-class and are poised to disrupt the wastewater treatment technologies industry in North America.”

“Blue Water’s game-changing technologies include a primary pre-screening solution, the Eco MAT™ rotating belt filter, that replaces the need for primary clarification at a fraction of the footprint and cost, and that is also great for pre-treatment at microfiltration and water-reuse plants,” said Nexom president Martin Hildebrand. “At the same time, Blue Water is most known for their tertiary sand filtration products, which enable municipalities of all sizes to comfortably meet ultra-low regulatory requirements of phosphorus and other nutrients and contaminants.”