New WAVE app boosts water treatment modelling

1 min read

The app, Water Application Value Engine (WAVE), will help engineers rapidly compute the results of water treatment components in their designs.

DW&PS chose an IBM hybrid cloud solution to deploy the new WAVE application which will be accessible on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

"As we continue to expand our digital offering, the IBM cloud has become a step change for our business by enabling us to accelerate the development and global deployment of a new application from many months to a few weeks," said Nanette Hermsen, associate vertical marketing director for DW&PS.

WAVE will also incorporate IBM cloud-based tools to provide DW&PS account managers and technical service representatives with an interactive way of dealing with customers.

IBM is partnering with clients like Dow to enable them to innovate with cloud," said Philip Guido, general manager, IBM Global Technology Services, North America.