New VP for Cummins Filtration

Steph Disher, VP of Cummins Filtration. (Photo: Business Wire).
Steph Disher, VP of Cummins Filtration. (Photo: Business Wire).

Cummins Inc has named Steph Disher as vice president of Cummins Filtration.

Disher has been leading the Filtration business since August 2020, through the challenges of the global Covid-19 pandemic and ongoing supply chain constraints. Cummins is currently exploring strategic alternatives for the Filtration business.

“Steph has been asked to step into increasingly challenging roles that are critical to Cummins’ continued success because of her business acumen and commitment to creating environments that foster and further our values both inside and outside of Cummins,” said Jennifer Rumsey, president and chief operating officer of Cummins Inc. “She truly is a champion of our mission, vision and values, and her leadership, strategic mindset and caring nature have been incredibly important for all Filtration employees and the future opportunities for the business.”

Disher came to Cummins as director of finance for the South Pacific region in Australia in 2013. She went on to serve as director of operations for the region and then managing director – South Pacific. She is based in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.