New Lakos separator and purging system launched

It has added the eJPX models to its range of industrial centrifugal separators and the SmartPurge System which is designed to indicate the best time to purge a Lakos separator.

The eJPX is Capable of up to 98 % removal of 44 micron (325 mesh) and larger solids. It expands on the design of the HVAC-focused eHTX and eTCX products released in 2013 with more features to increase solids removal efficiencies in industrial environments.

It features no moving parts, no filters to replace, a low and steady pressure drop and minimal water loss. It is available in ANSI, DIN, and JIS flanged options. The SmartPurge System detects the solids level within a Lakos industrial separator and activates an automated purge valve when needed. Designers say this leads to more efficient purges, cuts water loss and reduces system downtime.