Mustang Q XT chromatography capsules

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Mustang Q XT chromatography capsules reduce purification time, increase throughput and cut costly buffer consumption. The Mustang membrane has an open-pore structure for high flow rate contaminant removal applications and for the capture and removal of large molecules.

The Mustang Q XT ion exchange chromatography captules feature a highly durable polypropylene housing incorporating chemically-resistant polyethersulfone membrane for the stability needed in cleaning, re-use and long-term storage. Process developers may also integrate the disposable devices as single-use to avoid cleaning and cleaning revalidation.

Scalable Mustang Q XT chromatography capsules are available in 5 mL, 140 mL, and 5-liter volumes. Process capacities can be increased by linking units in parallel or series. Set-up is simple, and each device is 100% integrity tested before shipment for added assurance of quality performance.

Each Mustang Q XT chromatography capsule incorporates 16 layers of Mustang Q membrane for consistent performance and scale up. Mustang Q XT140 and XT5000 capsules use Pall Life Science’s Ultipleat high density pleating technology to maximize membrane volume while maintaining a small device footprint. Ultipleat technology also minimizes hold-up volume for enhanced chromatographic performance and significantly reduced buffer consumption.

The Mustang membrane has good wetting properties and low non-specific binding which enables fast mass transfer through convective pores and very high flow rates with no diffusion flow restrictions allowing 30 to 50 times higher flow rates than traditional beaded column sorbents.

Applications for the Mustang Q XT chromatography capsule include contaminant removal in polishing applications and the capture of large-target molecules.