Monadnock develops new ECTFE high temperature anti-corrosion media

Monadnock Non-Wovens (MNW) is now offering the next generation of ECTFE filtration media, significantly extending the performance and life of liquid filtration systems.

Monadnock HTAC apertured nonwoven media.
Monadnock HTAC apertured nonwoven media.

Designed and developed by MNW, HTAC is a uniform ECTFE meltblown copolymer with very high chemical and fire resistance. The tolerance to pH 1-14 makes it a superior material solution to PVDF and PTFE in liquid filtration offering corrosion resistance against acids, caustic media, oxidizing agents, and many solvents at high temperatures. HTAC is employed in the chlor-alkali chemical processing, semiconductor fabrication and pharmaceutical industries.

“We are pleased to offer HTAC for critical manufacturing processes,” said MNW president Jim Cree. “This innovative media development offers high permeation resistance and safety at high temperatures.”

HTAC ECTFE media is available in uncalendered and calendered meltblown roll goods in a range of weights. It is also available in apertured versions for duct/pipe/tanker wrap veil applications.