Molycorp launch rare-earth based water purification technology

Molycorp is now selling XSORBX for commercial use in the wastewater, recreational, pool and spa, industrial process, and other water treatment markets.

Ken Brummett, president and chief executive officer of Bio-Chem Industries, Inc said: “Since integrating XSORBX with our patented, rare earth-composition No-Phos technology, which to date has yielded superior, cost-advantaged results, we’re seeing a greater than 20% increase in the removal of a wide range of impurities, such as nutrients, heavy metals, dyes, and other problematic contaminants. The extraordinarily wide-spectrum effectiveness of this product, which also can remove pathogens, bacteria, viruses, and pharmaceuticals, promises to revolutionize water treatment in markets around the world. We have been importing rare earth materials for a number of years. However, the use of Molycorp’s XSORBX product allows Bio-Chem to eliminate its previous dependence on foreign sources.”