Mobile unit supplies fresh water to charity

AMPAC USA designed and supplied the Sea Water Desalination Watermaker to the Red Cross Society in Uribia La Guajira. The system can convert 100,000 gallons of seawater to drinking water on a daily basis.

 "When we got the order from Red Cross Society, the task was to be completed in a very short time and in a very compact mobile trailer. It just took a few days to build the system and the results have been satisfactory," said Ampac USA CEO Sammy A. Farag.

“The seawater desalination process includes pre-treatment, sea water desalination, reverse osmosis, post treatment and on-demand delivery to point of use."

The Mobile Watermaker features an energy recovery booster device that saves about 70% of total power consumption by transferring the pressure from the reject water back to the feed. It also has a microprocessor controller that monitors and controls the system and communicates with pre-treatment equipment and distribution tanks as required. It can also be operated remotely over the internet.