Mitsubishi Electric installs PV system for Nagoya Water Treatment Facility

The waterworks is owned and operated by the Nagoya City Waterworks & Sewerage Bureau. It is the city’s oldest water treatment facility and the first to introduce a PV system. The PV system from Mitsubishi Electric generates electricity through a total of 1,008 PV modules installed over a surface area of 1,430 m³. The electricity generated should partially cover the air conditioning and lighting requirements at Nabeya-ueno Waterworks. The system is expected to generate approximately 192 MWh of electricity annually and reduce 91 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

The 191 kW system will contain a 146 kW sub-system composed of 768 PV modules installed on the lid of the filtration systems, as well as a 45 kW system made up of 240 modules installed on the building roof. The PV system will be equipped with five 3-phase PV inverters in total: two 50 kW, one 40 kW and two 30 kW inverters, all manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric which will convert generated electricity into AC current.