MHI, NGK to jointly develop hydrogen purification system that uses membrane separation

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd (MHI) and NGK Insulators Ltd are working to jointly develop a hydrogen purification system that uses membrane separation to purify hydrogen from hydrogen-nitrogen mixture gas after ammonia cracking.

Green hydrogen
Green hydrogen - Image © AA+ - Adobe Stock.

The companies expect the technology to contribute to the establishment of a hydrogen and ammonia supply chain enabling high-volume transport of hydrogen.

The joint project aims to build an optimal system for purifying hydrogen using membrane separation from the mixed gas of hydrogen and nitrogen after ammonia cracking. MHI will contribute its expertise delivering ammonia plants and other chemical plants, and its technologies for handling ammonia and hydrogen. NGK will contribute its knowledge of subnano ceramic membrane technology and unique film deposition technology developed in the fields of chemical processes and water purification.

MHI and NGK are committed to driving the development forward, aiming to achieve early commercialization.

Flow diagram of hydrogen purification system from ammonia cracking gas. -