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Metso Outotec to expand filter production in China

Metso Outotec is expanding its filter assembly plant in Suzhou, China, to respond to global market demand.

Metso Outotec's filter assembly plant in Suzhou.
Metso Outotec's filter assembly plant in Suzhou.

The Suzhou plant expansion will double local capacity in China to deliver filters for mining and other industrial customers. It will also provide additional space for the assembly of flotation drive mechanisms and mill reline equipment.

The extended production facility is expected to open within a year and reach full capacity during the first half of 2024.

“In connection with the expansion, we will also update our procedures for simplified processing, modular manufacturing and lean management to enable fast deliveries to our customers,” said Chuncai Qiu, Metso Outotec’s Suzhou plant manager. “This, combined with our established engineering, sourcing and production expertise in Suzhou will provide our customers with enhanced service and product quality.”

Filter assembly in Suzhou began in 2009.

Metso Outotec’s filtration portfolio consists of 15 different filter types and comprehensive services for hundreds of applications. Over 80% of the Metso Outotec filters are part of the company’s Planet Positive portfolio. The company has carried out more than 14,000 filtration tests and delivered more than 5,000 filters for various applications worldwide. Most of the filters are sold under the Larox product name.