Metso launches High Efficiency Scrubber Optimiser

Metso is now launching the High Efficiency Scrubber (HES) Optimiser, a digital tool that combines internal process calculations with measurements available at site to enable energy savings in the operation of Venturi-type scrubbers in wet gas cleaning plants.

High Efficiency Scrubber Optimiser
High Efficiency Scrubber Optimiser

The High Efficiency Scrubber effectively captures impurity particles in wet gas cleaning plants. However, a significant pressure drop is required to achieve this. Precise adaptation of the pressure drop to the process conditions – the capacity and duty of the wet gas cleaning in general – can enable substantial energy savings while meeting performance targets. This is exactly what the HES Optimiser is designed to do.

“We are excited to launch the High Efficiency Scrubber Optimiser. Together with the Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP) Optimizer we introduced last year, there is a significant increase in the flexibility of our gas cleaning plants and solutions. It allows the consumption of electrical power and water to be reduced, while still meeting the overall performance targets,” explains Leif Skilling, Director, Gas Cleaning at Metso.

Benefits of the Metso High Efficiency Scrubber Optimiser

  • Adapts pressure drop to process conditions, enabling energy savings
  • HES and WESP sections can be jointly optimised

o            Increased energy savings potential

o            Supplements WESP low load optimization: ensuring that performance targets are met while the WESP Optimiser equipment protection sequence is running

  • Enables faster and more accurate online support from Metso experts

The HES Optimiser utilises existing instrumentation and is always tailored to the needs of the specific customer by Metso experts. Commissioning and online support services are available as part of the HES Optimiser license.