Met-Pro consolidates Duall, Flex-Kleen and Met-Pro Systems business units

Met-Pro Environmental Air Solutions will be part of the Met-Pro Product Recovery/Pollution Control Technologies platform.

“The newly-formed Met-Pro Environmental Air Solutions business unit will allow us to improve our capacity utilization, reduce our cost structure and improve our competitive positioning and profitability,” explained Raymond De Hont, Met-Pro chairman and CEO. De Hont says the goal is to not only preserve, but to enhance the globally recognized Duall, Flex-Kleen and Systems brands.

Met-Pro Environmental Air Solutions' products include Duall brand chemical and biological odour control systems, fume and emergency gas scrubbers, wet particulate collectors, carbon adsorption systems, mist eliminators, air strippers, degasifiers, ducting and exhaust fans; Flex-Kleen brand pulse jet fabric filters, cartridge collectors, and cyclones; and Met-Pro Systems brand turnkey thermal and catalytic oxidation systems for removal of VOCs and other atmospheric pollutants.