Mann+Hummel offers Flexline customized air filter designs

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To tackle the issue of limited installation space in the engine compartment Mann+Hummel has developed the Flexline generation of air filters, which deliver a compact, performance-enhanced filter with a variable design according to the space available.

Panel air filters based on rectangular, trapezoidal and polygonal forms with straight lateral edges were once the dominant design. A Flexline curved filter design allows for a larger filtration surface in the installation space. Unlike conventional designs, Flexline components therefore have a larger flow surface. This provides new scope for development to achieve targeted improvements in the filtration characteristics or pressure loss.

Flexline elements are also flatter than conventional products. This facilitates a flatter housing, and the gain in installation space can be utilized to increase the pleat height.

According to Mann+Hummel, Flexline's additional flexibility leads to improvements in the entire air cleaner system. The filter element lifetime can be increased by 27%, while reducing pressure loss and improving acoustic performance. The reduction in pressure loss can be up to 21%. Acoustic damping is improved.

Examples of flexible filter element shapes for engine air filtration.
Examples of flexible filter element shapes for engine air filtration.