Machine offers improved dewatering

The company says that it has a high dewatering performance, improved energy efficiency and low maintenance outlay in pulp and paper applications.

As part of Voith’s compact dispersion system it has been successfully in operation at a number of paper manufacturing sites.

The system is a dispersion system which reduces stickies and spot contamination. It has low energy consumption and space requirements, as well as high system availability. The compact dispersion system includes the InfiltraScrewpress, the InfibraHeater quick heating screw and the InfibraDisp disperser, which has also been newly developed. These machines also belong to the BlueLine product range.

Pulp processing

The InfiltraScrewpress is more than ten times stiffer than comparable machines, complementing its low centre of gravity. This ensures the machine’s very tight tolerances over the entire operation cycle, allowing high dewatering performance and minimal fibre loss to be achieved. It is equipped with a double-thread press screw. The fibre suspension is fed into the screw press and is then transported by the press screw in axial direction. The suspension is thickened by the constricting volumes between press screw and screen baskets. Excess water is discharged via the screen baskets. The filtrate can thus be pressed out of the suspension and discharged via the screen baskets of the new SplitScreen screen elements. The remaining pulp is conveyed at a stock consistency of around 30% via the outlet of the screw press to the InfibraHeater quick heating screw.

The double-thread design of the screw press provides a continuous stock discharge to the InfibraDisp disperser, resulting in a reduction of the energy consumption in downstream processes. 

The SplitScreen screen elements feature improved dewatering performance and markedly greater ease of maintenance. The design allows quick replacement of the split screen plates without time-consuming disassembly of the entire screen element. The SplitScreen screen element is used in the new screw press, but can also be installed into existing screw presses as part of a rebuild package.