LG Chem and Alkhorayef Group partner to produce RO membranes in Saudi Arabia

South Korea’s LG Chem and Saudi Arabian industrial conglomerate Alkhorayef Group have agreed to form a partnership to bring advanced water solutions to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia map with hologram effect.
Saudi Arabia map with hologram effect. - Image © m.elyoussoufi - Adobe Stock.

The two parties will establish a reverse osmosis (RO) membrane production facility and technical center in Saudi Arabia to address increasing regional demand. The production facility and technical center are expected to be operatational from the start of 2026.

The collaboration will leverage LG Chem’s cutting-edge technical expertise in RO membranes and Alkhorayef’s industrial legacy and local expertise. The partnership extends beyond production and R&D, encompassing joint efforts in sales and marketing activities for RO membranes, as well as exploring new business opportunities within the related water industry. It will also actively explore the localization of full membrane manufacturing in Saudi Arabia, and foster discussions on advancement of the local water industry.

“We at Alkhorayef Group are thrilled to announce our partnership with LG Chem, a leading water desalination technology provider, to establish a reverse osmosis membrane manufacturing facility. This strategic investment opportunity aligns with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030. The partnership aspires to contribute to the localization of strategic industries, in addition to the non-oil sector GDP. We believe that our long market standing and ability to build relationships and alliances will be of great advantage for this partnership. We look forward to embarking on this new horizon with LG Chem and working together towards a brighter future for the Kingdom’s water sector,” said Mohammed Alkhorayef, Group CEO at Alkhorayef Group.

“We are excited about the potential this collaboration holds for creating a positive impact to achieve Vision 2030 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This partnership symbolizes the fusion of two rich cultures, two distinct expertise, and two shared visions for the future. Together with Alkhorayef Group, we not only seek to meet the demands to localize RO membranes, but also look forward to delivering innovative solutions to contribute development of water industry in the region, for the future of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” said Dr Hoon Hyung, Vice president at LG Chem.