KROHNE flowmeter with ‘green’ sensor tube lining

Rilsan is a polymer that is produced from a 'green' raw material – castor beans – and Rilsan PA resins  have improved thermal, physical, chemical and mechanical properties, making them suitable for demanding applications in the water and wastewater industry. Rilsan is approved for potable water use.  

Krohne’s new Waterflux 3070 has a 15 year battery life and no inlet and outlet piping requirements, so that it can be installed in very narrow wells and chambers. It features a lower pressure drop than comparable mechanical water meters.  

The measuring tube with a unique rectangular cross section, with the coils arranged so that a strong, uniform magnetic field is formed. This allows for extremely short inlets and outlets. The minimal width of the magnetic eddy currents allow for accurate measurement (± 0.2% ± 1.5 mm/s).  

TheWaterflux’s power consumption is about 5000 times less than a comparable line powered, conventional electromagnetic flow meter.  

For use at remote water sources or wells or for network data transfer, the Waterflux is available with remote data transmission. A data logger and GSM transmitter module is available. The data logger stores all data, including peak flow and low flow during the night. This information may be transmitted over a GSM network to a server that the user can access.  The flowmeter can also indicate status or diagnostic conditions, such as battery life or less than full pipe conditions.  

WATERFLUX sensors are available in sizes from 1 inch to 24 inches (DN 25 to DN 600) and in combination with the other KROHNE signal converters, the IFC 100 and IFC 300.