Komline-Sanderson buys Fluid Quip

Komline-Sanderson Corp has acquired Fluid Quip Inc, a manufacturer of capital equipment for the corn wet-milling and ethanol industries.

A corn cob.
A corn cob. - Image: dimasobko/Adobe Stock.

Corn wet-milling, a process that uses water and specialized equipment to physically separate corn into proteins, starches, oil and fiber, is a core market for Komline-Sanderson.

Fluid Quip’s equipment is also used by Fluid Quip Technologies in the retrofitting of ethanol facilities to produce ultra-high-protein products used as animal feed. Fluid Quip Technologies is a separate company and not part of the acquisition.

“Komline and Fluid Quip have partnered for nearly 20 years on a variety of projects and joint ventures for our customers in the corn wet-milling industry, making the business combination a very natural next chapter,” said Fluid Quip CEO Andy Franko.

Fluid Quip was Komline’s fifth acquisition during 2021. Earlier in the year, Komline-Sanderson acquired Illinois-based Barnes International, a manufacturer of coolant filtration equipment; Florida-based Harn R/O Systems, a producer of reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, and low-pressure membrane treatment systems; South Carolina-based Haselden Company Inc, an engineering design and installation business of waste-reduction systems serving the food and beverage industry; and Tennessee-based AquaShield Inc, a manufacturer of products for stormwater runoff, rainwater harvesting, and construction site discharges.

“We are proud of the progress Komline made in 2021, as we significantly broadened our product offering, production capacity, and field service capabilities over the course of the year,” said Komline’s chief executive officer Danai Brooks. “With Fluid Quip, we now have nine manufacturing facilities in the United States and a new partnership with a talented team in Ohio. Because of the special relationship Komline and Fluid Quip have built over the years, I am particularly enthusiastic about the opportunities this acquisition will create.”