Koch Separation Solutions buys dairy technology company Relco

Koch Separation Solutions (KSS) has acquired Relco, a provider of process technologies for the dairy and food industry.

KSS is looking to meet market needs through the vertical integration of its membrane filtration and ion exchange capabilities with Relco’s evaporation, spray-drying and crystallization processes.

“We believe that separation challenges in the dairy, food, and other industries are complex and rarely solved with one technology,” said Manny Singh, president of KSS. “The acquisition of Relco adds complementary evaporation and drying technologies to the existing membrane and ion exchange offering of KSS.”

Relco provides cheese systems, evaporators, drying systems, powder handling systems, and after-market solutions. The company serves more than 500 cheese and dairy plants around the world.

“This acquisition will allow us to offer integrated and innovative membrane filtration and ion exchange systems with our solutions targeting value addition, energy efficiency, and waste minimalization,” said Mark Litchfield, president of Relco. “KSS offers ideal growth conditions for an innovative and quality-focused company like Relco and we are excited to be a part of this expansion.”

“I founded this company almost four decades ago offering only sanitary welding services and came to realise the greater need for custom designed and engineered systems in the dairy market,” said Loren Corle, founder and owner of Relco. “Since then, I have proudly watched Relco grow and evolve its technologies to ensure that we are always the first call when customers are faced with a challenge. I am thrilled that KSS shares that same mentality and desire to work collaboratively with their customers to develop strong, long-lasting relationships.”