Koch Membrane Systems to provide PURON MBR technology for UK WWTW project

The KMS technology was selected for the project after 4Delivery Ltd, a consortium comprising Veolia, Costain and MWH, issued a public tender.

“Membrane bioreactor technology has seen a significant reduction in operating and life-cycle costs as technical innovations are developed. PURON reinforced hollow fiber MBR technology continues to be at the forefront of this innovation. We are pleased to work closely with 4Delivery & Southern Water to deliver this flagship project,” said Chris King, European sales director Water & Wastewater, Koch Membrane Systems.

When it starts up in Summer 2017, the Woolston MBR plant will treat wastewater at an average flow of 19 000 m3 per day, with the ability to process a maximum daily capacity of 39 000 m3 which would make it the largest MBR facility in the UK.