'Innovation is key' says new B&V global director

 “Water services represent one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century,” says John Tattersall, Black & Veatch’s (B&V) new Global Director of Water Technology.

He cites “growing scarcity, rapid urbanisation, climate change, tightening regulatory controls and environmental protection,” as key issues common to all water utilities and agencies around the world.

As the newly promoted leader of B&V’s water technology group, Mr Tattersall will lead over 60 staff in a cross-discipline global team.

“We see a continuing tightening of water quality standards and a drive to meet tougher discharge limits,” he says. And, on the subject of wastewater, he speaks of a paradigm shift away from sewage being viewed as a problem, to its recognition as an increasingly valuable resource. 

“There is a huge desire within the industry to do more with less. By reappraising wastewater treatment infrastructure we have the potential to engineer new sources of water, power and nutrients. This is an area where Black & Veatch excels with innovative, global treatment solutions.” 

Project examples includes a nutrient recovery system being designed and built by B&V at one of the largest water recovery plants in the world, near Chicago.

Also, recycled water for industrial application has been made possible through the first and largest full-scale membrane bioreactor facility in Singapore.

Mr Tattersall brings more than 30 years of engineering experience, primarily specialising in water and wastewater treatment. He takes over from Terry Johnson who announced his plans to retire in Spring 2014 after more than 40 years’ service with B&V.