inge launches software to design and plan UF systems

Programmed in Visual Basic, the inge System Design software program speeds up the process of designing professional ultrafiltration systems.

By entering key data such as water type, water quality and treatment capacity, users can obtain a basic outline of the required configuration to meet their needs. Users then have the option of modifying further parameters, for example the number of racks, filtration flux, filtration and backwash times. The software enables users to experiment with multiple variants in a range of operating scenarios to find the optimum design.

“We have developed this system design tool to maximize the professional end-to-end support we provide to our customers – from the planning stage all the way through to the construction and operation of the complete ultrafiltration system,” said Patrick Buchta, the head of applications engineering at inge GmbH, who was responsible for developing the program.

inge GmbH is part of BASF’s Water Solutions business.

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