Increased orders for Sorubin floating baffles

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Baffles are flow control devices which increase the retention time in water treatment facilities. According to Sorubin, Optusflow can improve water flow and minimise reduction factor.

The eight orders that Sorubin have received for floating baffles recently are mainly from Nordic waterworks. The largest order was for 320m of Optusflow floating baffles for Borås Energi & Miljö. Other clients include Uppvidinge municipality and SRV Återvinning’s waste disposal facility in Stockholm.

Optusflow has been designed according to a new concept which reportedly allows better use of materials, better adherence to walls and coarse bottom material, as well as a new use of sinkers. The end result is an enhanced flow-through with improved retention time. It can also be used to force water past treatment points or checkpoints. By improved flow-through, the reduction factor can be greatly reduced, meaning that installation of Optusflow could enhance the effect of aeration and other treatment methods by up to 50%.

Sorubin says that its bottom mounted Microluft aerator has also had a successful year. Microluft is used for the treatment of wastewater and landfill leachate and can reduce electricity consumption by up to 90%.

If Microluft is used with Optusflow, it may be possible to double the effect of aeration. The objective is to improve the waterflow through basins and ponds to be aerated by Microluft, while at the same time making the processes as energy and time efficient as possible.

Optusflow has been designed to be durable, to withstand mechanical pressure and adverse weather conditions and UV radiation. There have so far been no breakdowns or any problems at all from any of the installations.