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Increased interest in Enviro Voraxial technology following Gulf of Mexico oil spill

The Enviro Voraxial Technology Voraxial Separator is an in-line, continuous flow separator capable of separating large volumes of oil and water. The Voraxial 2000 Separator processes and separates up to 2000 barrels per day (bpd) while the Voraxial 8000 Separator can process and separate up to 100 000 bpd. It is estimated that the flow of oil from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is 5000 bpd.

The Voraxial Separator can be installed on boats small enough to be transported by air for emergency deployment or mounted onboard large vessels for open-water oil spill recovery. The Voraxial Separator can also be installed near the shoreline to capture and separate the oil prior to reaching land.