Improved fuel polishing systems

The new series of compact Smart FPS Systems from Algae-X functions as an on-board tank cleaning system. When used to transfer fuel, it can supply clean and dry fuel to day tanks, as well as eliminate microbial contamination. The system covers a wide range of flow capacity and tank sizes.

In recent years, engines have become much more fuel sensitive and the introduction of ultra low sulphur fuel and the increasing use of biofuels have negatively impacted fuel stability and caused an increase in filter plugging and injection system failures, AXI says.

The systems are equipped with a modular plug and play Smart Filtration Controller, the SFC-50, which features a programmable PLC with text interface, colour coded large alarm indicator lights and a wiring harness that plugs into the system, so that it can be mounted in any convenient location. The SFC-50 is designed for remote monitoring and control of safety and alarm functions and can interface with a vessel’s monitoring and management computer system.

Smart FPS Systems are available in several standard models with a choice of primary filters, such as Racor & Separ. They have stainless steel plumbing and are mounted on a corrosion-proof, powder coated aluminium back-plate with a drip tray and cover.