IDE Technologies to design and build new WWTP in India

IDE Technologies has secured a contract from CleanEdge Water Pte Ltd to deliver a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) for a mining industry application in India.

Image © Corri Seizinger - Adobe Stock.

Singapore-based CleanEdge Water is an integrated industrial wastewater solutions provider for C&I clients in South East Asia and India on a BOOT basis.

The WWTP will be designed to treat 4.0 million liters of challenging brine per day, to reach the optimal recovery rate and availability. IDE’s MAXH2O Desalter was chosen as the best solution for extracting quality product water from the mine’s drainage (reuse) in Rajasthan, India, while producing minimum final brine.

The MAXH2O Desalter is designed to treat varying wastewater qualities as it is, without any required modification. The excess precipitants removal is conducted by releasing sustainable reusable dry Pellets ~90% DS, without the need for a dewatering stage.

IDE’s MAXH2O Desalter also produces brine with an exceptionally low scaling potential. This minimizes the downtime of the crystallizer and eventually leads to a simplified ZLD scheme and/or operational scheme, as compared to other alternatives.

Dr Efrat Miller, VP and Head of the Water Treatment Department and Business Development at IDE Technologies, said: “We are confident CleanEdge Water will reap the many benefits of IDE’s MAXH2O Desalter, an industry-leading solution designed to treat even the toughest water challenges while minimizing brine, upholding our mission to preserve and reuse one of earth’s most precious resources – water.”

The WWTP project will be supplied to CleanEdge Water’s client in Rajasthan, India in 2024.