IDE Technologies supplies MVC evaporators for Chinese produced water treatment facility

IDE Technologies says that the MVC evaporators will provide a reliable solution at low cost, with reduced energy consumption and high availability. The facility will also be the first in China to operate under a Build Operate Own (BOO) model.

The MVC evaporators will process and treat produced water to supply high quality distillate continuously, yielding a total capacity of 5,000 m3/day. IDE Technologies adds that the pre-fabricated evaporators will be shipped to the site after assembly and testing, minimizing on-site work, saving time, and reducing construction and installation costs. According to the company, the evaporators have a low footprint and the mechanical design also provides easy access to key components, as well as improved safety for operational and maintenance personnel. The new facility will treat produced water from Shengli Oil’s Xinchun oil field. Operated under a BOO licence for 15 years, it will provide boiler feed water for steam production.