Hyflux partners with China’s Bank of Jiangsu

The Bank of Jiangsu will also act as a financial consultant and provide Hyflux with economic and financial information, and professional advice on development strategy, investing activities and business policies.

Commenting on the signing of a Strategic Cooperation Agreement (SCA) between Hyflux and The Bank of Jiangsu in China, Hyflux’s CEO, president & managing director Olivia Lum said: “This SCA establishes another financial avenue for us to develop more projects in Jiangsu.”

Hyflux has more than 40 projects throughout China. About 40% of these projects are located in Jiangsu province. Some of these projects have been divested to Hyflux Water Trust, but continue to be operated and maintained by Hyflux. The company has also established two system assembly and manufacturing plants in Yangzhou which are also expected to benefit from the Bank of Jiangsu’s funding facilities.