Hydrokleen recycles car wash water

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The Hydrokleen car wash system combines biological filtration and mechanical filtration to provide better water quality while reducing maintenance requirements.

Biological filtration in the Hydrokleen car wash system involves removing organics and organic chemicals such as soaps and waxes. Biological filtration reduces or eliminates the hydrocarbons present in car wash effluent, the media beds within the filtration system and in the wash bays. Hydro biodigesters eliminate odour by consuming the food sources of naturally occurring, odour producing bacteria. 

Mechanical filtration removes the solids in the wash water and any solids left behind from the biological treatment. The Hydrokleen car wash system uses back flushing filter media beds which are virtually self-cleaning. They remove chlorides, organics and hydrocarbons from the captured recycled wash water. 

Bob Fuhr has installed Hydro Engineering’s Hydrokleen system in his Carriage House Car Wash in Murirtta, California. He said he has saved $100,000 which he would have had to spend to connect his eight bay hand held car wash to a sewer.