Hollingsworth & Vose Capaceon filter media for automotive and heavy duty applications

The Capaceon filter media offers improvements in initial efficiency in automotive applications across all basis weights extending from 78-95 pounds per 3,000 sq ft. The Capaceon filter media is treated with solvent-based phenolic resins which provide water resistance in panel air filter designs and will not require a post-pleating curing process.

In heavy duty air applications, the Capaceon filter media from Hollingsworth & Vose increases filter lifetime and has a higher dust-holding capacity. The Capaceon heavy duty air filter is treated with a modified acrylic resin system which is pre-cured during the manufacturing process to offer a higher level of engine protection from contaminants in the harshest environments.

David von Loesecke, vice president and general manager of Hollingsworth & Vose’s Engine and Industrial Filtration business unit said: “Capaceon represents an entirely new category of filtration media that breaks the link between performance and basis weight. Its capability to deliver significantly higher dust-holding capacity while achieving the same of higher levels of efficiency means manufacturers can optimise filter designs for long life or for reduced media usage in a smaller filter.”