HiCarb offers improved activated carbon efficiency

HiCarb from Purifaction Products is designed to be used in the protection of sealed enclosures and electrical housings. Grades are also available with acid gas adsorption capacity and an anti-formaldehyde active paint will soon available for household application to combat sick building syndrome (SBS). High surface area carbons are also available for use in fuel cell separators and hydrogen storage devices.

The HiCarb material has an efficacy of 90% of the loose activated carbon and depending upon the other properties required, can have a typical air permeability of 10 cm3/cm2/s @ 980Pa. The material’s conductivity is between 1k Ohms and 10M Ohms and can be varied incrementally if required.

The material is available in rolls up to 350mm wide and can be provided either as self supporting (without a backing) or with a backing suitable for the application involved. Currently the thickness range of HiCarb is between 0.2mm (self supporting) and 2mm.

Activated carbons can be blended in the HiCarb material to suit the particular application and many other powders such as clays, zeolites etc can also be used.

HiCarb is also available as ActivPaint which can be applied by brush or spray to anysurface, including textile, PTFE, polythene, wood and metal.