H2O Innovation secures two water and wastewater projects in New York State

Canada’s H2O Innovation Inc has been awarded two new water and wastewater projects in the US, together worth C$2.2 million.

H2O Innovation’s first contract consists of a 2-train packaged wastewater treatment system using membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology. This system will treat all of the wastewater generated at a State Park in the State of New York. The H2O Innovation team will also operate and maintain the system during the first year of operation.

The second project, also located in the State of New York, will include a packaged drinking water treatment system and a packaged wastewater treatment system. The 2-train drinking water treatment system is designed to treat surface water for the provision of potable water for a resort community. The packaged wastewater treatment system will also use MBR technology to treat the wastewater generated from the same resort.

“We are maintaining our momentum with the addition of new wastewater projects. Nearly 16% of our backlog value, or 34% in terms of number of projects, represent wastewater contracts, demonstrating excellent portfolio diversification and future improvement in gross margin, given that these projects typically have higher margins,” said Frédéric Dugré, president and CEO of H2O Innovation. “Furthermore, we are happy to demonstrate, once again, the synergies within our business model by providing new MBR wastewater equipment and O&M services to the same plant.”