H2O Innovation purchases membrane filtration specialist

H2O Innovation says that the purchase price is US$3.7 million, which may rise to US$ 5.7 million, depending on sales.

Professional Water Technologies develops products for maintaining and operating municipal, industrial, and commercial membrane filtration systems, in particular for reverse osmosis systems. Professional Water Technologies synthesises and manufactures solutions for membrane pre-treatment applications, and develops specific blends for maintenance, preservation, and cleaning of membrane systems that maximises the operating efficiency, economy, and longevity of reverse osmosis systems. Professional Water Technologies also offers analytic and technical capabilities aimed at maximising the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of reverse osmosis systems.

“This acquisition positions H2O Innovation as a complete membrane filtration expert providing everything from customised system design to manufacturing, maintenance and operational efficiency consulting. Professional Water Technologies also significantly enhances our international reach through its network of distributors. Its strong track record, combined with our solid experience in designing and manufacturing custom-built membrane filtration systems, will undoubtedly make a positive contribution to H2O Innovation’s future successes in North America and elsewhere” said Frederic Dugré, president and chief executive officer, H2O Innovation Inc.