H2O Innovation partners with Nanostone on ceramic membranes

Canada’s H2O Innovation Inc has signed a strategic agreement with Nanostone Water Inc to jointly advance the commercialization of ceramic membrane technology.

“As an engineered product supplier primarily focused on membrane technology, it is important to constantly renew ourselves and use the best membrane for each application,” said Frédéric Dugré, president and CEO of H2O Innovation.

“While we will continue to commercialize polymeric ultrafiltration (UF), reverse osmosis and membrane bioreactor, ceramic UF will allow us to address different market needs: it is basically another string to our bow.”

The two companies started working together in 2016, when Nanostone contracted H2O Innovation to design and fabricate two pilot units. Nanostone then contracted H2O Innovation to upgrade its existing fleet of pilot units, especially the controls elements.

H2O Innovation used the Nanostone pilots in several project studies. One study resulted in the purchase of a full-scale system for a Midwest industry where H2O Innovation had previously installed polymeric UF membranes. H2O Innovation sold an additional system employing Nanostone membranes for a resort in New York. The company has also been independently engaged in a program to retrofit existing polymeric microfiltration/UF membrane systems, for the last two years, and it has resulted in several successful contracts in Texas and the Dakotas.