GWE anaerobic technology assists pineapple producer

The PT Great Giant Pineapple company now produces more than 30,000 Nm3 of methane biogas a day which it uses to supplement and replace fuel oil and coal used in its boilers. It has also exceeded its design performance for COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) removal efficiency, achieving 98%removal.

“In addition to outstanding waste removal from process water they have also spared themselves the cost and need to burn many more tons of fuel oil and coal,” said Global Water Engineering founder and CEO Jean Paul Oberg. “The concept of using wastewater to create green energy is much more widely applicable than often realised. Any factory with a biological waste stream or wastewater with high organic content can easily use this model to generate energy.”

The GWE plant at PT Great Giant Pineapple in Lampung, Indonesia, comprises an equalisation basin, screening, primary clarifier, pH control, ANUBIXB (UASB) 4894 m3 methane reactors, biogas safety flare, biogas blowers, biogas use in two thermal oil boilers and one coal-fired fluidised bed type steam boiler.