Global water market continues to grow

The study values the market for water treatment and distribution for domestic and industrial water at $557,808 million, and the market is still expected to grow at a rate of 3.9% per year until 2018.Global Water Intelligence says that it has identified the top and most rapidly-growing markets in the global water sector, showing the regions that present the best opportunities for the private sector. The report includes global and country-by-country market forecasts to 2018 for municipal and industrial water, as well as country profiles for the top 27 countries for private sector participation. In addition, there are country-trend reports for 73 countries – providing market forecasts, historical data and future market trends in a series of tables, graphs and charts.Global Water Market 2014 also has procurement models and supply chain analysis at the end of each country chapter – based on interviews with over 300 industry insiders. Global Water Intelligence says that the report gives strategies for entering each supply chain and shows how contracts are procured. Key market players are identified and the relationships need to form to succeed in the market. There are also 32 company profiles of the biggest operators in the water industry.