Genoil completes successful trial of Crystal Sea Separator

Initial trial results indicated that Genoil’s Crystal Sea Separator performed well beyond all other similar technologies. Water contamination aboard the major VLCC operator was reduced to 2.5 parts per million, which greatly exceeds the requirements set forth by MARPOL MEPC. 107. The Crystal Sea Separator separates oil from water, as well as segregating the different types of oil reclaimed such as motor, heavy fuel, slop, and crude oil. The technology is designed to take oil out of the bilge which can be resold. Genoil's Crystal Sea is an environmentally safe technology which uses centrifugal force, coalescing beads, and gravity in five chambers almost free of oil before it arrives at the filter in the sixth stage.

David Lifschultz, Genoil CEO said: “We are extremely excited about the performance of our Crystal Sea Separator. We fully expect this to be the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership, and bring about opportunities to expand to other major VLCC operators around the globe. Reducing water contamination to 2.5 parts per million on a 2,000,000 barrel oil tanker without the use of a filter is truly exceptional because filters require maintenance and replacement due to clogging. The Crystal Sea separator eliminates these costs making it one of the most efficient and effective solutions on the market today."

In addition to the success of the Crystal Sea trial, Genoil has bid to install the unique separator in a submarine and has also submitted a bid to a canal operator. The bid for the submarine has been accepted subject to testing.