GE’s modular ABMet system helps cut Selenium discharge at coal mines and power plants

ABMet is a patented biological water treatment system that uses naturally occurring microbes to reduce the amounts of selenium and other metals that can escape from coal mines and power plants and enter freshwater supplies.

GE’s ABMet process involves running wastewater through a biologically active filter, which is “seeded” with naturally occurring microbes that target selenium and other potentially toxic metals. ABMet enables the metal to be captured and converted into an easy-to-treat form.

“With coal mine operators and power companies facing increasingly stringent government limits on their emissions, we are offering ABMet to help these crucial industries continue to support our country with vital energy supplies and jobs while also meeting their regulatory obligations to protect freshwater supplies, fish and other wildlife,” said Jeff Connelly, vice president, engineered systems—water and process technologies for GE Power & Water.