GE and Ramky sign emergency water and industrial wastewater treatment agreement

GE and Ramky will also bring mobile water treatment to the Indian water sector. The plants will be set up on containers and mounted on trucks so they can be quickly deployed to destinations having emergency water requirements or for use during the summer season.

Raman Nanda, managing director and CEO of Ramku Enviro said: “We are committee to meeting the needs of the Indian wastewater sector. This agreement with GE, a world-class technology provider, combines our strengths and capabilites in EPC and wastewater management with GE’s latest technological solutions. This will enable us to provide our customers with reliable, state-of-the-art and cost effective water reuse systems.”

Ramky and GE have started working with industry segments such as pharmaceuticals textiles, automotive, non-ferrous metals and tanneries. They are implementing projects in effluent treatment based on MBR and UF technologies at several sites including Pharma CETP, Pattancheru (Hyderabad), NTC and Volkswagen India Ltd.

Nanda added: “The agreement emphasises pilot studies prior to the implementation of projects, which leads to developing the right solutions the first time.”