Formosa Petrochemical selects IDE Technologies for Taiwan desalination plant

The desalination plant will be located at the Mai-Liao Power Corporation in Yunlin County and have a capacity of 105,000 m3/day. It will produce high quality water for industrial applications.

IDE reports that it is providing Formosa with a solution that optimises energy and chemicals consumption, while also being highly cost effective. The government recently reduced Formosa's water rights from natural sources to support agriculture, which led to the company seeking an independent water supply. IDE's SWRO desalination plant will help the Mai-Liao Power Plant meet its water requirements and comply with the local regulations for discharge of blowdown water.

IDE notes that the desalination plant will utilise its boron removal system to reach the extremely low and challenging boron concentration level requirement of less than 0.01 ppm.

IDE will design the Formosa desalination plant, supply and install equipment, commission the plant, and supervise operation and maintenance for two years.

"We're proud to partner with the Formosa Petrochemical Corporation to create this leading-edge SWRO desalination plant," says Amnon Levy, CEO of IDE Projects.

"The quality of the boron in this plant is extremely low, which was an exciting milestone for us to reach. With our technology, we've managed to produce an industry-first of this magnitude while maintaining high water quality."