Filtration+Separation’s top news stories in August

The filtration and separation industry’s response to Covid-19, Watergen technology in a Navajo Nation water project and GEA’s new marine separator prime were the most-read stories on the Filtration+Separation website during August 2021.

1. Covid-19: How the filtration and separation industry is responding

Our coronavirus coverage shows how filtration and separation companies around the world are responding to and dealing with the spread of Covid-19.

2. Watergen technology installed in Navajo Nation Water Project

A water from air generator, the GEN-M from Israeli company Watergen, was recently installed in the Hard Rock Community of the Navajo Nation in Arizona, bringing clean drinking water to the water-stressed region.

3. GEA launches marine separator prime

GEA has recently introduced the GEA marine Separator prime, which comes with the company’s Upgrade Kit and helps to optimise the separator functionality, improve the carbon footprint and make cost savings.