Fabric filter media revenues to grow

This is the prediction of the McIlvaine Company in the online report Fabric Filter and Elements: World Markets.Roll goods suppliers are building new manufacturing facilities in the fast growing East Asia market. As a result, exports will nearly equal imports in this region next year. The trend continues toward membranes. This media utilises a membrane film for filtration with a non-woven substrate. Several membrane media suppliers also supply complete bags.Nonwoven fabrics are widely used. Woven fabrics are less popular than they were decades ago. The largest use is woven glass for high temperature applications.The cement industry is a large consumer of fabric filter media. The biggest potential is in the power industry. New industrial boiler emission limits in the U.S. will force operators to install fabric filters. The requirement to lower toxic metal emissions will be one driver. The requirement to reduce HCl will result in the injection of lime and sodium compounds and subsequent capture in a fabric filter.Chinese power plants have traditionally used electrostatic precipitators to capture flyash. New emission limits will result in a significant market for filters and media. This potential is so large that it could boost media purchases by $1 billion annually if all Chinese power plants made the switch.

Table 1: Fabric filter media revenues ($ millions)
World Region 2014
East Asia750
Eastern Europe35
Middle East50
South & Central America101
West Asia110
Western Europe196
Total 1,600